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The most rigid development methodology applied to your software.

Want to automate? We can help.

Air to Ground lands your ideas by building your PC, PLC, embedded, and mobile solutions in C, C++, C#, Structured Text, Python, Swift, Objective-C and even Assembly.

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Our workflow

We use the most rigid development system around to build what you expect in the shortest possible time.

The steps in our workflow:

We define requirements together.

We design a test protocol.

We start development and test continuously.

We test together with you upon delivery.

Requirements are finetuned throughout development.

How we work

There is a reason why we can deliver the highest quality. It is because we, like no other, know the rules and how to stick to them. Below you'll find the steps we take with a short explanation.

1. Requirements

Requirements together with a validation protocol ensure that you get what you need.

2. Product architecture

Lists all components of your product. An integration test ensures that they all work together flawlessly.

3. Component Design

Components are designed in detail together with a unit test to ensure it does what is expected of it, always.

4. Implementation

After all the previous steps are done it's time to implement each component in code.

5. Test Automation

Your product is continuously tested throughout development, without effort. This ensures that your product contains the fewest amount of bugs possible.

Want to learn more?

Our way of working consists of many parts. We understand cyber security, we work as a team, we review each others work, we use coding guidestyles, we apply industrial standards and state of the art technology, and much much more. Simply send us an e-mail if you want to know all the details.

Our Portfolio

Below you will find some of the projects that we have been working on so far.

G-suit control for an F16 simulator

We developed software in C and C# which inflates and deflates a G-Suit used in a real-sized F-16 simulator cockpit.

A picture of Viper Charlie's F16 cockpit.
A picture of Viper Charlie's F16 cockpit.

Jaro Controls

We helped Jaro Controls develop multiple software projects in many different languages.

Ommnia Systems

We helped Ommnia Systems develop multiple software projects in many different languages.
A picture of Viper Charlie's F16 cockpit.
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